How It Works

We make it easy for you

1. Make an Appointment

Call us or book online!

2. Attend your Appointment

Visit with Dr. Gullo virtually to discuss your health

3. Review your Program

Dr. Gullo will virtually meet with you to discuss your personalized program

4. Follow your Program

The details of your program will be outlined for you. Follow your plan and see results!

Dr. Gullo focuses on creating a plan tailored to you: your goals and your health needs.

1. Get Started: Make an Appointment

Getting started with Gullo Wellness is easy. Schedule an appointment and we will provide you with the necessary paperwork to learn about your health history. It’s imperative that we receive your medical history prior to your appointment.

Writing tasks into daily planner

2. Virtual Consultation: Attend your Appointment

During your first consultation, we will review your medical history, discuss your goals and order your bloodwork. We may find that we want to order additional testing during this consultation.

Following this consultation, you will fulfill your bloodwork order.

Our team will send your order to the lab nearest you or your preferred lab.

Call to schedule your appointment with the lab or check ahead of time to see if they take walk-ins.

Once the bloodwork is completed, Dr. Gullo will receive the results and formulate your personalized wellness program.

3. Virtual Consultation: Discuss your Program

During this second consultation, we will review your bloodwork results and your personalized wellness program. We will discuss your program in detail and explain how your results determined your plan.

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4. Follow your Program

The program will include a set schedule around lifestyle modifications such as diet, daily exercise requirements, and outlined supplements. The HIPAA compliment mobile app makes following the program easy by monitoring your progress, updating Dr. Gullo, and helping you maintain the necessary supplies for your personalized program.

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