My Metabolic Makeover

Get healthier, lose weight, gain confidence.

Dr. Gullo provides support by utilizing the most in-demand therapies.

By utilizing science to conduct testing on your blood and genetics, Dr. Gullo can isolate the exact components of your body composition which need attention, and develop a plan for success tailored uniquely to you.

Patient Assessment

Dr. Gullo starts with a comprehensive patient assessment which includes an advanced blood work-up, as well as genetic testing to reveal what propensity toward certain health conditions may exist.

Personalized Program Development

Based on your report of findings, Dr. Gullo will then tailor a custom program to help you address your health goals and concerns, and maintain them long-term.  Dr. Gullo has access to the most cutting edge testing, as well as modern therapies including supplements and peptides. When combined with a personalized lifestyle program, Dr. Gullo puts patients in a position to regain their health and restore their quality of life. Many of these solutions are only available through licensed health providers such as Dr. Gullo and backed by science and real patient outcomes.

During the Makeover, you will discover:

  • if your body is burning calories optimally and how to maximize your metabolism
  • if thyroid or other imbalances are preventing weight loss and how to correct them
  • if your lifestyle is at odds or in harmony with your genetic makeup
  • how to eat for your optimal hormone response
  • which proteins increase your basal metabolic rate and provide satiety
  • which carbohydrates to eat for energy and brain fuel
  • which “good fats” to eat for brain function and blood sugar stabilization
  • rules for your best eating schedule throughout the day
  • how to experience sustained weight loss
  • how to build muscle and burn fat

Your program for optimal health can also include:

  • detoxification to address all imbalances revealed through your Metabolic Makeover consultation and analysis
  • proprietary, customized diet plan that Dr. Gullo will develop with your own individual health, nutrition, and lifestyle needs in mind
  • genetic testing to discover if you are predisposed to certain health conditions

“Dr. Gullo’s planning and guidance has made all the difference in helping me to achieve my weight loss goals. After more than 10 years, I still find great value in her knowledge and services.”

Karen M., Lost 50 lbs
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