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Meet Carmine N.

Lost 30lbs

“I was skeptical about starting My Metabolic Makeover because I had tried diets before without any long term success. At 5’6”, 198 pounds with Type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, I had a long road ahead of me. I had awful eating habits. I drank 5 Venti Starbucks a day to “get energized” after nights where I could not sleep while filling up on late night snacks. I could not concentrate at work and I had no patience for my 3 children.”

“I now have a restful night’s sleep, greater concentration and have the energy to manage my work and my life.”

“Since visiting Dr. Gullo and starting on My Metabolic Makeover, my life has changed significantly. At 46 years old and having lost 30 pounds, I feel great; better than I have felt in more than 20 years. The key for me was that this is not a fad diet that is based upon “calorie count” or “eat all the meat you want” nonsense. It is about making simple changes, understanding how foods affect your body and making sure you eat. Yes, you heard me correctly, eat! For me it was not about sacrifice, it was about substituting what I chose to eat and understanding how it would affect my body. I love the recipes that Dr. Gullo provided. She recommended the right snacks and supplementation to help restore the nutrition that my body lacked. I was always being told by my other doctors to “eat better”. Dr. Gullo actually teaches you how to do that and then stays involved week by week and makes the adjustments needed to succeed. It was also apparent that she was living what she preached and that was the most credible evidence I needed.

I now have a restful night’s sleep, greater concentration and have the energy to manage my work and my life. The benefits for me have nothing to do with my waist size. I’m off my cholesterol medication and have reduced the blood pressure and diabetes medication and all of their side affects! My blood sugar is well controlled and I am enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle! In celebration, I am throwing away all of my before pictures!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; you’ll be thankful you that you decided to try My Metabolic Makeover. I certainly am!”