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Meet Felicia M.

Lost 35lbs

“I am a grandmother, mother and wife. I also help my children with their children. I take care of my home which includes cleaning, doing laundry and cooking. I also like to go to the gym and do kickboxing, yoga, fast walking and playing with my grandchildren. I enjoy shopping. I like to look nice for myself and my family. At one time I had trouble doing all these things because I was overweight.”

“Now I am doing all the things that I like to do!”

“I was also very nervous and I didn’t have any energy. I did not like the way I looked in clothes, so I wouldn’t go shopping. The reason for this came from the way I was eating: lots of junk food, skipping meals and indulging in fast foods. Then I signed up for my Metabolic Makeover and I’ve lost 35lbs and 18 inches to date. It has been so rewarding and worth all the effort that I put into it! Now I am doing all the things that I like to do! But most of all I like the way I look and the way I feel: healthy, happy and full of energy.”