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Meet Lynn A.

Lost 42lbs

“I was a rider on the roller coaster of weight gain and loss! I had become my heaviest, tipping the scales at nearly the weight of my first pregnancy! It was hindering me socially, I felt depressed, and didn’t want to fuss with myself. I had no energy and felt pretty low at this time in my life. I was considering seeing a doctor for anti-depressant drugs. In addition, at age 46, I had concerns about facing the next phase of my biological evolution beginning at such a heavy weight and low self esteem. Something had to be done, but I couldn’t find it in me to begin.

A good friend told me about Dr. Gullo’s program, “My Metabolic Makeover”, to help lose weight. I was a little leery. I learned that she coupled a treatment called auricular therapy with a personalized diet program. I investigated the concept of auricular therapy online and it sounded logical to me, yet I was still skeptical, but desperate to try something that would spark my motivation. In January 2007, I met Dr. Gullo. Her professionalism immediately put me at ease and her program got me on track. My Metabolic Makeover was the answer I had been looking for and I feel so grateful to have Dr. Gullo in my life.”

“Dr. Gullo provides tremendous support and guidance.”

“Just a short quip… the day after my first treatment, I was at work. A colleague passed by and offered “bagels in the faculty room”. Normally, I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on anything else except buttering up a big fat bagel, but I honestly can say my mouth was not watering! It was the “defining moment” on my journey.

Dr. Gullo provides tremendous support and guidance. She makes herself available and she really cares! Dr. Gullo’s meal plan is simple, she educates! Now I recognize and understand better food choices. She supplied me with a list of foods suitable to my metabolic type. I now understand the difference between good and bad calories. The menu suggestions and additional recipes provided are easy to follow and a helpful guide. The auricular therapy helps to discipline me and curbs my cravings. The program has become second nature with so much wholesome variety, whether (dining in OR dining out. For me, it has become a learned lifestyle change I live by.”